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1. Can I build a custom motorcycle?
Custom Motorcycle Project build task list (Word .doc)
9.5 KB
Custom Motorcycle Project build task list (Excel .xlsx)
6.45 KB
Basic Maintenance eBook
2.75 MB
Motorcycle pre-purchase inspection checklist
296 KB
Recommended Books For Motorcycle Customisers
538 KB
Skills inventory for motorcycle customisers
397 KB
2. Engineering for motorcycles
An Introduction To Torque
6.34 MB
3. Motorcycle shop equipment
Motorcycle Workshop Hazard Awareness
212 KB
Build Platform
1.02 MB
4. What tools do I need to work on my motorcycle?
Top Tools: Dremel Multi Tool
272 KB
Top Tools: Angle Grinders
1.99 MB
921 KB
7. Chassis & frame modifications
How to modify steering stops to suit a custom front end.pdf
287 KB
8. Paint & polish on your motorcycle
Painting supplies and consumables shopping list
215 KB
9. Welding & fabrication on your motorcycle
Service Welding Guide
22.2 MB
Welding decison tree
528 KB
First TIG welding lesson
189 KB
Ideal drilling speeds for metals (Excel .xlsx)
43.8 KB
Tools & techniques for drilling holes
899 KB
How to metalshape a custom fender
937 KB