Fabricating licence plate brackets by Matthew McLeod

Fabricating licence plate brackets

Check this out! Fabricate TWO different licence plate brackets.

The first is a simple lightweight bracket made from some 3mm aluminium sheet. It only holds the plate so doesn't need to be too big or heavy. We lay out and drill some decorative holes, and give it a brushed finish too.
The second is designed to also support a heavy tail light, so it needed a different design. 

I made this one from two piece of steel - some 6mm plate for the licence plate and tail light, and some angle to make the mounting bracket. 

This was it could be bolted together - no welding required!

What's included?

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How to fabricate licence plate brackets
1. Introduction and design features
9 mins
2. Version 1 marking out
17 mins
3. Version 1 fabrication
16 mins
4. Version 2 fabrication (part 1)
31 mins
5. Version 2 fabrication (part 2)
19 mins