Fabrication and welding bundle by Matthew McLeod

Fabrication and welding bundle

Get the flagship Introduction to Metalwork course, plus our Motorcycle tank construction walkthrough, and our mini-courses How to fabricate a luggage rack, How to weld repair cast aluminium and Fundamental welding knowledge

What's included?

Fundamental welding knowledge

Introduction to Welding will give you an overview of welding processes and get you started with your first TIG weld.

How to fabricate a luggage rack

Needed a luggage rack in a hurry, so I fabricated one! Detailed discussion on the design and how I built it! Pricing in US$

Introduction to Metalwork

Introduction to Metalwork is the fundamental course to teach you basic skills to work with metal.
Pricing in US$

Motorcycle tank construction walkthrough

Want to see how I fabricate this tank? Follow along all the steps from concept, design, making a buck and fabrication and finishing!