Hand tool school by Matthew McLeod

Hand tool school

Hand tools are essential to getting started. Get some background on all the important tools and recommendation on what to purchase!

What's included?

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Price vs Quality
This sounds expensive!
Cheaper in the long run
Technical considerations
Introduction to wrenches
RIng & Open End Wrenches
Socket wrenches
Ratcheting ring-end wrenches
Flank-drive wrenches and sockets
Adjustable wrenches
Wrenches eBook
Screwdrivers & screw types
Introduction to screwdrivers
Slotted head
Philips head
JIS B1012 cross head screws
Hexagonal head
Use of screwdrivers
Introduction to pliers
Linesman's (or "Combination") Pliers
Needle nose pliers
Tonge-and-groove pliers
Diagonal (or "side cutting") pliers
Circlip pliers
Electrical pliers
Hammers & Mallets
Hammers and mallets
Measuring tools
Measuring tools
Looking after hand tools
Recommended mechanical tool list (with purchase links)
Getting started shopping list