New tutorial/short course - how to fabricate a luggage rack
May 08, 2019
Hi everyone,
I needed a luggage rack for a camping trip a few weeks back, so of course, I had to fabricate one myself. And shoot some video :)

I haven't cut this video down for YouTube (yet) but I've got about 30 minutes of tutorial (discussion of the design, how it developed and then time lapse fabrication footage) in the short course "How to fabricate a luggage rack".

I've just finished uploading the video and made it live so you have access right now. Log in and it'll be in the list of courses.

Any questions, let me know via a comment or reply email!

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Nice Matt... I am really liking the new launch. Really good to see a video as well.. Your videos have helped me with my metal fabrication more than any book or any other videos have...

Matthew McLeod

Awesome, so glad to hear this Jason. Got a long list of stuff planned and some stuff in editing. Keep giving me feedback on what is working (or not working)