August 2019 member's update
August 22, 2019
Hey crew, just a few topics and comments about new content and training for you!

Mentioned in the video:
  1. The tank walkthrough course should be up and running in your "Products" tab. 
  2. The Dyna luggage rack build is in your "Products" tab
  3. The annealing vid is up on the 'Tube:
  4. Weld repairing cast aluminium is under construction, I'll let you know when this is released.

We also have to keep Instagram posts going for this build (as part of the judging process). You can see the "official" build posts on the Krank account, but we also have a dedicated build log in another Instagram account. This separate account lets us post more "behind-the-scenes" in photos and stories, and keeps a build history in one place.

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