Metalshaping a custom fender by Matthew McLeod

Metalshaping a custom fender

Its possible to form a basic fender shape in metal with hand tools. Watch this 23 minute video showing how we did it!

This video includes detailed descriptions of what we're doing - this detail is not included in the time-lapse version of this video on YouTube!

Watch the free version:

Got it?

If the free video isn't enough detail and you need specific instructions and coaching, then you need our detailed video course below!

Tools you'll need

Some hand tools will be essential:
  1. Sandbag
  2. Bossing mallet
  3. Shrinking bowl
  4. Tucking fork
  5. Slapping file
  6. Bowl dolly (or panel dolly will be OK)

Haven't got all these tools?

Click through to check out these free articles and videos for more information on the tools you'll need. Then come back to check out the course. We'll wait for you!

1. Beater bags and mallets
2. Tucking forks
3. Shrinking bowl
4. Hammers and dollies

What's included?

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Metalshaping a motorcycle fender
23 mins