Motorcycle tank construction walkthrough by Matthew McLeod

Motorcycle tank construction walkthrough

I fabricated this tank out of a sheet of 2mm 5005 Aluminium. 

Check out all the steps from concept, design, fabricating a buck, layout of the parts, shaping, welding and finishing.

This course is 107 minutes watch time, so settle in and pick up some tips and tricks!

What's included?

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Tank build introduction
1 min
Tank design
Determining the right "lines" for your bike
9 mins
Introduction to wireframe shaping bucks
3 mins
Setting the bodywork center lines
15 mins
Building a metalshaping buck
Building the tank wireframe shaping buck
12 mins
Paper templates and stock
3 mins
Tank sides & top
Forming the tank sides
12 mins
Forming the tank top
13 mins
Welding and finishing the seam - shell sides and top
Welding the top-to-side seam
10 mins
Fabricating the tank base
Fabricating the tank base
9 mins
Welding and finishing the seam - shell to base
Preparing to weld the base to the tank shell
13 mins
Finishing the base-to-shell weld joint
7 mins