Project planning by Matthew McLeod

Project planning

Many people we talk to are overwhelmed with the work required in their project build. 

Get on top of it all with some basic project planning. 

Walk through our training and use our templates to get started!

What's included?

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Why plan your project?
What is it?
The importance of a plan
Sure, but where do I start my plan, I have no idea
What else should I think about in a plan?
Expectation vs reality (the enemy of all builds!)
Find your motivation (the most important and most overlooked)
Just get started
Tools that might help
Tools to help with project planning and management
GanttProject free software
Introduction to GanttProject
6 mins
Using the "Custom Motorcycle Project.gan" template file in GanttProject
11 mins
Custom Motorcycle Project.gan
21.4 KB
Using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
Using a spreadsheet
Custom Motorcycle Project.csv
8.17 KB
ClickUp free software
Introduction to ClickUp
16 mins
Importing and setting up the template file in ClickUp
10 mins
ClickUp List Names.txt
219 Bytes
Motorcycle Project Template For ClickUp.csv
5.38 KB